Aerial Observation Services is your one stop shop for Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems training in Southern Alberta.

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Excel Flight Training Inc.

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RPAS Training Costs:


Scheduled Course at Excel Flight Training Inc:

RPAS Basic: $600.00 plus GST per student
(3 days actual) 6 weeks / 2days a week

RPAS Comercial: $300.00 plus GST per student (2 Days actual) 2 weeks / 2 days a week 

SAR / Emergency Services: $500.00  plus GST per student (2 Days actual)

Private/on site Course: $600.00 plus GST per student (minimum 6 students customized delivery)

Book fees: $150.00 plus GST for:

AOS Manual
Texted Book "Unmanned"
Calgary region VNC
Canadian Flight Supplement  

AOS accepts the following types of payment;

For further information on registering for training please call or email
Your instructor is a private pilot with multiple ratings & endorsements. He holds an SFOC with Transport Canada in addition to his general avaition licence. 

Our RPAS Instructor has flown over 500 hours operating and flying under AOS's current Standing Transport Canada SFOC.

Your instructor has handled commercial inspections, TV cinematography, aerial photography and search and rescue missions just to name a few.
We have partnered with Excel Flight Training Inc. at the Lethbridge Airport to provide this training. Roland Morton has kindly offered training and classroom space to facilitate the delivery of RPAS training in Southern Alberta. This is a Transport Canada compliant curriculum (TP15263) available at a very affordable cost!

RPAS Basic​


The use of RPAS (Drones) has increased exponentially over the past few years both recreationally and commercially. With the implementation of strict Transport Canada regulations in the past few months for both recreational and commercial RPAS pilots understanding  these complex regulations  has become challenging. It is Critical that you understand rules so that we all fly safely!
Aerial Observation Services is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive RPAS course that will enable RPAS pilots to learn not only the Regulations for flying your RPAS recreationally and Commercially in Canada, but also detailed insight on many RPAS related subjects. The Program will be taught by Both Qualified General Aviation Pilots and Commercial RPAS Pilots. With many hours of Flight experience.
Introduction to RPAS (Drones) This course is recommend for new RPAS pilots  both recreational and Commercial,  The  course for recreational RPAS Pilots is 3 days long. For Commercial RPAS Pilots the Course has a second Part which operates a further 2 Days. (See RPAS Commercal SFOC)

RPAS Advanced (Commercial​​​​​​​​​)

This is a Commercial RPAS Pilots Course and is Part II which operates a further 2 Days in addition to the Recreational RPAS 101 Course. Participants who successfully complete this course are issued a Certificate proving they have completed the Transport Canada TP15263 Compliant course.

Aerial Observation Services is listed by Transport Canada as a TP15263 RPAS Training Facility provider.


1) Student Manual (includes all relivent paperwork)
2) Text Book "Unmanned" 
2) Certificate of completion
3) Restricted Radio Operators Licence
4) Canadian Flight Supplement & sectional chart of Southern Alberta

Search & Rescue​​​​​

Emergency Services

Aerial Observation Services can provide you with industry specific RPAS training. Our extensive background in EMS, & Emergency Services has prepared us to offer RPAS training that is focused on the needs of First Responders and the work that they do. We offer 2 day programs in addition to our basic commercial flight program to address these unique applications and chalenging work environments. This course involves one day in class with day two in the field actually flying missions. Students will be issued a certificate of completion from this course. 
​AOS can provide training at your company's location. (a minimum of 6 students per class is required) The instructor’s expenses are charged in addition to the course fee and are divided among the participants should there be multiple participants.